[SMS Cordova Plugin] How to use this SMS plugin

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Published on 2018-02-16 by Pedro Domingues
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Published on 2018-02-16 by Pedro Domingues


I am using SMS plugin, But i am not able to understand how to use it is there any sample oml which can be more help useful.



Hi Koushik,

What aren't you able to understand? Like with any Cordova plugin, you should use the check Action (CheckSMSPlugin) to check whether the plugin is available and ready for use. Then there's the SendSMS Action to send an SMS, and ListSMS to list SMSes. Imho there's a few things that can be improved, but what's there seems rather straightforward?

Hi Kilian Hekhuis,

I am more than happy to listen to your comments in order to improve the component.

You can reach me anytime you want! :)

Thanks a lot.

Hi Pedro,

I'll see if I can find some time, I'll PM you :).