[Wish]_Comments in Entity Diagrams

[Wish]_Comments in Entity Diagrams

I would like to have the possibility to add comments to an Entity Diagram for documentation purposes.
Eric van Raaij
Hi Eric,
Have you ever tried http://hubedition.outsystems.net/OutDocumenter ? You should explore Its Design Document and Diagram Features.
Fernando Matos
Hi Fernando,

Ik tried OutDocumenter once (during my Level 3 training), but the only thing that I remember of it is that the Entity Diagram from OutDocumenter doesn't look the same as in the eSpace. I don't remember if there were other documentation features for Entity Diagrams, but I will try to find out what you are mentioning next time.

However, I think it still would be a nice feature to have comments available when developing an eSpace.
Eric van Raaij.
The Diagram menu option has some advanced features like Output Format and Advanced Diagram Edit. If you have some time you should take a look on that. These advanced functionalities allow anyone to change the output diagram.

If you need some more detailed information about that just post your questions here.

Thank you