Hi there, 

I am using a variable of a record list type (advanced filter). 

I need to store this in an entity, but I don't seem to be able to select records or lists as an attribute type ( as we are typically able to select when setting the datatype of a variable).

Perhaps I am missing something fundamental? 

Kind regards,

Hi Cole,

I'm not entirely sure what you mean. According to the description in the image, it's a Session Variable. Are you specifically talking about Session Variables here?

Apart from that, in what what waty do you want to store this Variable in an Entity? You mean you want to call an UpdateEntity Action with this Variable as Input Parameter? If we're talking about a Session Variable, why do you need to keep an entire database record in a Session Variable?

Hi Kilian, 

Thanks for your quick response and sorry for not being more clear. 

That's correct, I will want to call the UpdateEntity action with this as an input variable. 

Well, I am using the AdvancedFilter module and this module uses the AdvancedFilter record list as a session variable type (even though Outsystems gives a warning about this). 

This record list effectively holds a combination of various filters and I need to save this combination (I am building a tagging application, and each tag will be stored with it's filtering instructions. i.e. whatever filters were applied for that specific tag). 



Hi Cole,

So am I to understand correctly that you need to store the content of the filters themselves in the database? Then I think the best approach would be to leave the Session Variable Record List as-is, and convert the content to a suitable format when you want to save it.

As for your original question, I have no problems selecting a Record List of an Entity type for a Session Variable: