zoom in/out with mouse wheel

I would like to see the ability to zoom in and zoom out on the various flows by having the pointer in the flow area and moving the mouse wheel.

It would also be nice to have:
- some thiner zoom levels than the ones specified. {50, 65, 80, 100, 150} seems too restrictive.
- some error control, such as only start zooming after 1 or 2 wheel steps - this way the zoom wouldn't be triggered by mistake.

Hi Alexandre,


Check out the Zoom video on the "What's New in the Agile Platform 5.0" thread. Your wish has been granted!

Hi Rodrigo,


I'm quite amazed with that feature!


But I also felt a mix of odd shivers and vertigo... I sure hope I won't need to dig into that big of an action flow which you demonstrated in the video :)

I also hope fellow developers won't be too motivated to build a 30+ node flow now that we have the zoom feature :)


...other than that, excellent work!





I need to know if there is a API to zoom image when passing mouse over?

Thank you!

Best regards,

Raquel Oliveira