Hi guys,

Is it possible to filter an aggregate to exclude all items where the ID matches an ID in a different table?

I know how to do this in with an Advanced Query:

Select {object}.*

FROM {object}

Where {object}.[someId] NOT IN (

        SELECT {otherObject}.[Id]

        FROM {otherObject}


Is it possible to do this in an Aggregate?


Hi Tim,

It depends a bit. In your simple example, assuming there's a 1:1 (or n:1) relationship between object.someId and otherObject.Id, you can simply LEFT JOIN ("With or Without" in the Aggregate) otherObject to object, and have a Filter that says "otherObject.Id = NullIdentifier()".

If you have more complex requirements, it might well be impossible, and you have to resort to an SQL Advanced Query.