Help to configure a proxy for native builder

Hi guys,

My server is behind a proxy and we are not be able to reach the nativebuilder to generate the mobile app.

I read the documentation on

and I found this section:

Use a proxy to limit access

The simplest and potentially most secure way to meet this requirement is to have a proxy which is used by the application servers to mediate access with the internet and allows access to the URL and any other URL it might require from the Internet for normal functioning.

Service Center has an option to set the username and password for proxy, but I could not found where I put the proxy address for the server. In my scenario , customer hasn't a transparent proxy, so we need to set up the ip address in fact.

Anyone knows where I should put this settings?

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Fabio Fantato

Looks to me you should add the exception in the proxy to the native builder service.

Hi Joao Heleno,

Their proxy supports exception only for ips and not hostname . But in this case , the documentation said to use a range of ips from AWS and this range change sometimes.

My customer want to configure the machine to always use proxy and solve it by name there. 

I prefer your solution too, but they are looking another option.

Thanks a lot,


Well, if it supports hostname you can add exception to You can also add the 20 or so IP addresses mentioned in the link you provided.