Can a LayoutPopup call another LayoutPopup?

Hi, i have a  LayoutPopup (let's call it PopUp1) which contains a button that allow user to call another LayoutPopup(let's call it PopUp2).

To my surprise is that when user click on the button in  PopUp1 to call PopUp2, the  PopUp1 page disappear and replaced by  PopUp2 page.

What i want to achieve is PopUp1 and PopUp2 page both appear on the screen. When user click close button on PopUp2, the PopUp2 page disappear and PopUp1 page remain remain on screen.

Does anyone has idea on this?

Help !!!

I am developing using dublin template



Just tested this myself and i do not have a problem.

When opening Popup2, are you using the "Popup_Editor" interface? Or do you just navigate to the other popup?

And how do you close the popup?

Hi Tim Daniels,

Mind to share your sample code?

Yes, i am using navigate to open Popup2.

Hey Johnson, sorry for replying so late.

You can check the working sample at: 

How i've done it:

This is how i open the first popup

This is the layout of the popup that i used

And this is for my second popup.

I hope this will still help you.

why would you call a new popup again?

that's not very usable imho.

but why not simply change the webblock when the users hits a button for example?

so the user stays in the same popup?

I agree with J.'s suggestion.

In terms of user experience opening popups within popups is not much recommended.