Hi All, I need some suggestions regarding implementation of google maps in mobile app. I had implemented multiple markers for google map but now I want different colors for multiple markers pointing to different locations, based on a 'Status' condition the color of marker should change. Please give some feasible suggestion, how can I achieve this and the performance should not become slow.

I am also attaching the screen shot of 'OnInitialise' Action and the screen showing multiple markers of same color in which I want the markers with different colors.

My few other queries are:

1) In the Get Refresh aggregate shown in 'Capture2.png' what should be the max. record value I need to keep as I am having large no. of records ? And I already used the count, length of the aggregate but it didn't give me right response. So, entered max. record value manually to 700. Is there any way to make it generic.

2) Can u plz suggest regarding any improvement in my flow of 'OnInitialise' to improve its performance bcoz currently it is loading very slowly.

I would be much better if anyone could explain this using any example or .oml file so that it would be easier to understand.