Hi Everyone,

Can i ask help from the outsystem experts.

i have 2 list group element on my module that currently working on.

the first list group element is just a reference of the 2nd list  group element.

For the 2nd list group element what i want is on page load event it will display all the list.

But the first row only is enabled. The rest should inactive or grayed disable, it will only be enabled once the value of the first list item is equal to the reference value.

I dont understand what you mean. Can you send the oml?

Hi Jensel

Sounds like what you need is to place a boolean variable in the Enabled property of the list item (assuming it is a mobile application that you're working on), you need to control that variable on the OnClick event of the first list's items.

However, as Margarida said, it is difficult to help you without further information



Hi Carlos and Margarida,

what i did is i write this code on the enabled property of the list. it is working on text change.


However, i noticed that when i use API. it just display the value coming from a tag of the API that i call.

I have 4 column 1 is my reference all the value is defined and it is stored in the DB.

The three column below is displaying the value from the API. 

what i want is if the value of the first row of each column is equal to my reference it should move to the next row then get the value from the API..