OS Platform Upgrade -> Alert Running Application Users

OS Platform Upgrade -> Alert Running Application Users

Hi all,

Whenever we have to deal with some maintenance operations, like OS platform upgrade, it would be very nice to be able to notify running application users that they should logout and save their work... because the http server will be stopped.

Of course we're still sending an email to warn and schedule that upgrade. But it would be nice to remind them, just a few minutes before stopping the http server.

How could we do this?

1. We can change every screen preparation (for all factory applications) to also check for incoming messages (configured within another special eSpace, just for this purpose)... based on a special boolean site property that would instruct our application if we want to make that check every screen preparation or not. If true, the user will see a javascript warning popup (possible solution), and after closing it, can proceed with the normal application logic (the warning should not be seen on subsequent calls, during a specified timeout).


2. We could have a similar behavior within the platform screen preparation generated code (the developer will not see it within the oml). Then we could just access Service Center, write the message and instruct Service Center to make the notification available...

Don't you think this could be very useful when doing all these platform upgrades and other maintenance operations (even those that don't require the http server to be stopped)?

Best regards,

Duarte Gouveia
This is an excellent idea and I have a need for it. Does anyone know if such functionality is available since this post is from 2007?
Jacqui -

That's not built into the platform at this time... I say it's functionality that a service like status.io handles very nicely for a reasonable fee.