I have a form which is mapped to an Entity Record variable. When an input field lets say Date of Birth is updated age field is calculated using screen action.I call screen action onChange of the DOB input field.

I the screen action I assign the Entity Record "User.age" = calculated value and perform an ajax refresh but the value is not displayed in the input field.

Also, if i am using a local variable instead of a entity record then it does get displayed not sure why


Hello Neha,

The input field is bound to which variable? YourFormName.Record.User.age?

If not, you need to put the value in the variable it is bound to. If you are assign the value to anything other than the variable assigned to the input, the input will not be updated.

Just remember, when refreshing a Form, it will NOT fetch data from the source. It will just refresh the FORM UI using the data in the bounded variables of the inputs.