I'm building a test platform and one of the requirements is that the administrator could hit a button an create a temporary link that should be given to a simple user to take the test, but this link must be temporary, and most likely unique.

And there's more, this link should have the information of what kind of test the user will take, if I send a "java" test, the user can access this link for "24 hours" and take the Java test, but the administrator can generate a "C#" test to another user, and you get the idea :)

I was thinking about a creating dynamically a user role, and then find a way to pass it through the link, but I don't think it can be done this way.

Any ideas? 

Thank you!

Why not?

seems perfectly valid.

Ok, you might want to pass a generated hashtoken instead of the userid, but still.

So you end up with a token-table where you have the generated token,userid,createDateTime

When someone uses the link, well, simply login the user with the roles.

have a timer that delete tokens that are longer than 24hours.


Thank you for your answer!

Let me see if I got this:

- I should create an entity (table) with, for example, a token, user id, test name, date and expiration.

- I can (somehow) create a link to my test platform with this token

Looks good... Have any idea how to put this token on a link? (I have some ideas, but not in Outsystems :p)