[Wish]_Item grouping in a Combo Box

[Wish]_Item grouping in a Combo Box


One of our clients asked me to make a Combo box that can display grouped items.
That would faciliate the scrolling through long lists, because it reads faster if you only have to check the group names, instead of all items.

Currently I think it is not possible with the Combo box widget, but it would be a great feature for a future version. Especially if you can apply a different style to the group headers (bold, italic, a different color, or a combination of this).

Kind regards,
Eric van Raaij.
Hi Eric,

You can check the Tags solution. TagApplyWidget contains a combo box with groups of items (screenshot). Note the client-side script.


Paulo Ramos
Hi Paulo,

I checked it out and this is indeed the kind of Combo box that I was looking for. I think I will simplify it a bit to my own needs because I don't think that I need the 'create new' tag item and the input box below it. So, thanks a lot for the tip :-)

Kind regards,
Eric van Raaij