Hi everyone i am trying to consume an API via a POST method and the expect paramters are in JSON Object in the body content

however i see to get an error but when i try it on POSTMAN app i am able to get a response.

can someone pls guide me on this. i am on a urgent and tight schedule.

>> just to add on this is the error msg i get but my other API which i using GET methods are working fine.


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Not sure what the problem is, but perhaps you are forgetting some possible headers/basic-auth ?

and I suggest to set the logging to full in service-center so you might see the real issue.

Unable to connect to remote server is something to do with the network connection between your OS env and the webservice endpoint. 

This could be authentication related or it could be that your endpoint is locked to certain IPs or domains for incoming traffic. When you run from Postman it's running the service call from your machine, when you call it in Outsystems it will likely relay through Outsystems infrastructure.