Hey.. I have 3 entities namely Question , QuestionType and Option. Where QuestionType is static entity. Now I want to add new question to question entity. I also want to add options for some questions  based on QuestionType. How can achieve this in single webscreen?

Hello Yakshith

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I assume you already finished the online training on web development? If not, I recommend you to finish it as you will see the Master Detail pattern that is probably what you are looking for (even if it uses two pages, one as popup).

If you want really to be able to add Options to a question inside the same question, just as an example, you can have a button that will make a web block appear, that have a form with for the Option, with buttons to save and cancel, and you can than have a table in the page to show the options and notify the page to refresh it, and so on.

In fact, there are other ways, like using Modals also, instead of a popup or in page form. Etc.