How to secure other mobile application using outsystems mobile application

Hi All,

I am trying to impleament an application to secure my whatsapp (i.e i am implementing the outsystems mobile application in that i am using touch id plugin a forge component ).Now i want to protect my whatsapp using this application means. The application which i am implementing will be on the top of my whatsapp. In my application i am taking the user finger print and i am matching with the finger prints present inside the mobile(i.e user finger prints which he already using to unlock the mobile). And when the user try to open whatsapp he first has to give his finger print and if the finger print is already there in the mobile  then the whatsapp application will open. This is my requirement can anyone help me from this.



aren't there already plenty of apps in the playstore that do exactly this?

Is there a reason that you need to create it yourself?

I'd guess that you have to somehow check for the start of whatsapp and just open your app when that happens.

Hi Tim Daniëls,

Sorry for late reply, I know they are lot of similar  applications in app store. But i want to implement my own applock security feature in outsystems. Is there any way to implement this feature. Your Suggestion will help for me.



What i recommend is starting a new thread / post to ask specifically how to catch an application start / launch.

By getting more detailed you will get better answers. I have not really used the Mobile side of Outsystems, so i don't know if it's possible.