Hi All,

Recently we are not able to build mobile app for android (the .apk file), the error we got from the log file is below :

Error from the log file : 

Could not find runtime.jar (android.arch.lifecycle:runtime:1.0.0).
  Searched in the following locations:

It seems that the above path is not available, as it gives 404 not found error. 

Further, digging into this issue little more i discovered that the path seems to be changed to below path :


But i am not sure if this is what the real issue is.

Can some one give the insight of this issue? Has anyone recently faced this issue ? How to change the configured path ?

@Akshay Tank

Did you add a new plugin to your app?

What changed since the last time you successfully generated an .apk?


Hello Akshay

Seems like you are using plugins that have dependencies for libraries hosted in jcenter. They had issues in the last days (also affecting other users):




At this point, your best option is to try to generate the app again.