[Wish]_Warning Levels

[Wish]_Warning Levels


It would be great if, like in Visual Studio, warning had levels so one could filter what warning to see.

For example, I have an application that always produces a lot of "scalability suggestions". The problem I had was that in the middle of all those suggestions there was an important warning, a warning that a screen action wasn't being used. This was causing a subtle error that took a while to spot. Had I been able to filter out the "scalability suggestions" I would have spotted the problem immediately.
Hi Carlos,

Your requirement would indeed help, and it has been added to our requirements list.

Related to this, do you use the Hide Warning feature? This might help to hide those error for now.

Tiago Simões

Tiago: hiding known/old warnings can be a great help to identify new ones, but sometimes the "hidden" property is lost and the same warnings keep showing up. I didn't quite understand when does this occurr (maybe after a merge?).

Also it would be nice if Service Center would return the number of warnings found, not only those that are hidden.