[Time Zone] Randomly "Location not found"

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Published on 2018-10-01 by André Vieira
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Published on 2018-10-01 by André Vieira

Hi guys.

Last time I had to use this extension at my work and I noticed some kind of bug, I guess. When I use GetTimeZoneForLocation function or even test it here: http://andrevieira.outsystemscloud.com/TimeZone/ it randomly returns error "Location not found". Sometimes you can type 'Warsaw' or 'Paris' and you can get this error. I do not know what is core of this bug. 

Under the good, that uses a Google API to figure it out. That error is happening because of something happening in the Google lookup. Unfortunately, it does not log any additional details, and it all occurs in the extension so there won't even be a call to the Google service shown in Integration Log. :(


I was trying to dig into how this worked but realized it was an extension.

If it is making calls to the Google Maps API, if you don't have a Google Maps API key I've found that the calls generally work, but will fail seemingly at random.

Entering an API key causes the calls to always work as long as you stick within limits.

This obviously did not fix your problem, but if you can find where the call is being made an add an API key it may fix the problem...

Good luck!