[Wish]_Log Entity Change

[Wish]_Log Entity Change

I think every one has pass through this when some information "desaperars" from the application you've developed, and all user's says "It wasn't me!!", and you don't have a log to prove they're wrong.

I suggest:
“When someone creates an entity at SS, It has the property yes/no to log update/delete changes to the entity...”

I've tried to create some triggers directly to the database tables, but the application crashed.
I’ve also implemented some user actions to logging pré-change info, but it isn’t as simple as drag and drop entity actions.
Definitely got my vote there :-)
Have you tried using a custom solution that logs actions using this?


It basically detects differences between records that you can then store in the db (if you wrap around the built-in entity actions).

Hope that helps,