Consuming SOAP always get "" value


I managed to use the xml file as WSDL to consume SOAP service, but when I test the service with the application I created from the Outsystems, the return from its SOAP service is always "", when I tested the application of SOAP UI (of course with the same parameters) I get the return as I wish, guess what is wrong with my xml file.
I see in xml file there is string "xsd: anyType", so I try to replace with type = "xsd: string", but still not work.

This is the xml file I use



Hi Eddy,

Can't you use the "Consume SOAP Web Service" feature?

Hi Nelson,

Yes, it successfully created in Outsystems using  "Consume SOAP Web Service", but when I use the SOAP method in Outsystem procedure, i got null return (i debug it).

When I test that same at SOAP UI, the return looks correct.

Can you look a bit on the xml file or any other advice?