Why does OutSystems to have the same username appear more than once in users table?

A user has a problem to log in (no permission). After investigation I found out there are two records in the users table with the same username (which is used to log in). One record has the right rights but the users logs in with the record with no rights (through AD).

But why does OutSystems allow to have two the same user accounts in the users table?

Hi Johan den Ouden,

Your application is multi tenant?. May be that why it having same user for different tenant  

No it's not multi tenant. But that could explain why username is not unique in the database.

Hi Johan,

As you  see Username is index but it not Unique.

Rocky wrote:

Hi Johan,

As you  see Username is index but it not Unique.

Exactly but why is it not unique, that's my question.

Hi johan,

Because this user table can be multi-tenant . Tenant_id Column will be alway there even if you using single tenant ,So later you can change your application to multi tenant. For multi-tenant purpose it not unique.

You can add validation Before creating users: