[Wish]_advanced queries shoud be validated (they aren't by the SS

[Wish]_advanced queries shoud be validated (they aren't by the SS

I'll start by describing the problem/cause:

I was having an Exception being raised in OutSystems Service Studio when running a query.
Something about mapping a Text Field into a Foreign Key Field.

What happened:
I had an Adv Query Made, expliciting the fields that I wanted returned and mapped into an Entity.
Later, I modified the Entity, reordering it's fields and adding some extra ones.

The "Verify E-Space" didn't found anything wrong, only by opening the query and pressing the "Verify Button", I found something was wrong.
I then corrected the Field Order, and added the extra fields that were added to the entity.
When I pressed the "Verify Button" all was alright, but when I pressed the "Test Button" some Field Name was wrong.

Now for the Request:

Can't you at least call the "Verify Advanced Query" when you're verifying the E-space.
Another Nice addition was to at least check the Entity/Field Names when pressing "Verify".

Kind Regards,
Alexandre Carvalho
Hi Alexandre,

Thank you for your feedback.

I suggest that you read OutSystems Help files when you have these type of doubts.

I hope this helps you
It was not a doubt, just an error that I understood.

My point is:
It's bad when you are changing something in the code (reordering fields, adding fields) and it breaks some of the advanced queries.
It's really terrible when the "Verify E-Space" doesn't verify that.

When that happens, the code will only break on runtime. And on a section that may not be tested at all.

So, every time this happens, I'll have to look for every advanced query that uses the changed entity and verify it manually (open, click Verify, Maybe Click Test).
Hi Alexandre,

In the web site of your application you have a file that's '_QueryCoverage.aspx'. This page runs every query that you have and tests it you should set test values in the queries in Service Studio.