How can I authenticate a user from an external C# xamarin forms applications to an Outsystems user and then receive a token that will be kept while the user is logged in?

Hi Rudolph,

To be able to authenticate a user, you must somehow compare the received username and password to the externally saved username and password, or you must be able to send the username and password to an external service that tells you whether they are accepted.

How does this C# app store the username / password? Is it something the server can access?

No I will send the username and password to an authentication service. I need to know how to access the users in outsystems by sending through the username and password. Is this only possible to do this with an external authentication service plugin to Outsystems?

Hi Rudolph,

You cannot access the original password, for good reasons. So you cannot automatically log-on the user in an external service. Of course you can ask the user to enter their username/password, and then send those to the external service.

Note that after you have validated the user through the external service, make sure you also login the user via OutSystems, so that you gain all the advantages of the Plaform's user management and security.