Better insights of reusable components


We are using OutSystems in our company for internal applications for our business. We have developed more than 7 web applications and around 5 mobile applications now and we are still growing in the number of applications.

With all the different reusable components in our environment it is getting harder to get a good oversight over all of the components. I am aware of the Discovery-extension in the OutSystems Forge to get a detailed view of all the consuming of modules and extensions, but I am looking for a more simpeler way to show to our management how many components we've build and how many we are using in more than 1 application.

Is there an existing extension or way to see this in a simpel view?

Kind regards,
Niek de Jong

Hi Niek,

Welcome to the forum. Discovery is a very versatile tool, that should show pretty much what you want. Interdependencies of components is just not simple, so I doubt if a simple view is possible :).


You might suggest that idea to the forge-component "clean architecture tool"

I think he would be willing to create something like that.

(if you kind of suggest how you want see it)