[Wish]_Create and using Views

[Wish]_Create and using Views


Sometimes you start to have performance issues in database operations (locks, queries time out, too many records, etc.) in you applications and you have to re-think the database model.

One approach could be having flags indicating that a record is deleted (or active/inactive) and hiding it from your users, and remove this records afterwards with a timer then the application has less use.

Having to change all your queries in order to use the flag that you've created can be a headache. You can miss one or two, or having to change complex advanced queries, etc.

It would be nice if one could create a view that would filter records and return only those that did not have the flag marked as deleted and then simply use the Find & Replace Usages functionality to change all queries in your application that once referred directly to the table and now use the view that you've created.

This would help a lot when you have to use this approach and greatly reduce the time developing and testing your application afterwards.
It's a great feature to have