[HTMLtoPDF] PDF not displaying page & Disable PDF Options

Hi OutSystems Community,

I'm searching for a method to display PDF content on the Webpage. I'm currently using the [HTMLToPDFConverter] extension. I'm On OutSystems Version 10, with a on-premises environment.

The Use Case of the situation is that the Webpage in question would be displaying a table of some information, and we would like to display it to the user securely, to prevent any download/saving of that page. It would be a read-only page. Running the Following Function

Firstly, I cant seem to be able to display the actual content on the PDF, it would always be the login page. I'm not sure what exactly is the error here. Could it be the wrong URL that is being passed into the function? Hoping to find a direction in which i could look to resolve this issues.

Secondly, I'm also looking to disable the adobe options in the red box. Mainly the save/download button, I've tried looking around but i cant seem to find any lead on how i should being doing this, would like to request for some help from the community on this. 

Alternatively, about encryption of data to prevent printing, can we apply it to binary data? Does this prevent internet explorer > print browser page from functioning too?  Or just a a method to disable the browser's print option.

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Hi domic,

As it name , html to pdf converter  ,It convert your html page .You must check page roles, to convert it role must be anonymous or registered. You can send input parameter to that page also :


Make a new entry point for pdf :

This entry point must link to your page :

Check Page Roles:

Make sure you have configure HTMLtoPDF:



Hi Rocky,

Thank you for the help! I just had to set Public to 'Yes' and it could work. 

However, does the extension only converts what was rendered during the initial preparation on the screen? 

I have a table that is generate upon a button click on that page, however the PDF only shows the column names, without any rows inside. Which was the state of the table that is rendered during preparation.
I tried it with an input widget with a value of 10, i tried changing it to 20 before converting to PDF and it would still display the 10.

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Yes It will only convert what it get frm preparation.Try to set all value in preparation. 

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