We are working on a Survey Form in Outsystems,

 In this Form, I am working on mobile systems and my friend is working on the web systems,

 from the web systems when a question is entered along with the type of the

 input(For Example:Text,datetime format) as an answer, in mobile systems I should be able

 to retrieve the question and display the input feild for entering the answer,

 I had used List and If widgets and I am able to retrieve the question and the input field,

 but when I enter the answer into the input feild of same type(Ex:Text,datetime) for different questions,

the answer I enter for one question is being taken by the other question-answer feild also.

 Please can any one suggest a solution for this problem.

 Thank you.

Hi Tanuja,

It's difficult to say what causes that specific problem without seeing the code. To better understand the problem, can you tell us how you set up the list and input widgets, and how you conclude that the answers are being duplicated?


Thank you for the reply,

Here i am uploading my screenshot, the way we have tried to display the survey form.

Hi Tanuja,

From what I can see, you have forgotten to use the ListItem. You should put a ListItem Widget inside the List Widget, and put any content in its "Content" Place Holder:

Hi Tanuja,

Above solution should solve your problem. If not please share the oml.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade