[Wish]_WebBlocks Inside WebBlocks


I've been using outsystems for 2 months and i found a great feature that could be implemented , no is not Ajax or Flash or SilverLight but WebBlocks could be used inside other WebBlocks that would be a feature that would permit a re usability of behavior through the application far beyond any visual feature.

Instead of making the screen in a WebScreen it would be made inside a WebBlock that could be public. That design could permit the reuse of that behavior inside another WebScreen of another eSpace. Imagine all the copy paste that could be avoided.

Best Regards,
André Pereira

Hi André!



I was navigating throughout all the wishes (as we constantly do), and found your wish lost here. We missed it during the last release of the Agile Platform 4.2, sorry! We answered to this thread and forgot yours...


Guess what, your wish has been granted! With the Agile Platform 4.2 you can now use Web Blocks inside Web Blocks. If you want to check it out, just download the Agile Platform Community Edition! It's free and yours for life.