[Wish]_Filling argument description automatically when creating input parameter


When you're in an action flow editing an action - let's call it Action1 - and you want to execute some other action in your flow - let's call it Action2 - you can quickly create new arguments in Action2 using the "Execute Action Properties --> Arguments" panel simply by selecting a local variable, input or output parameter of Action1 at "(New Argument)".
An input parameter with the same name and data type will be created in Action2. But the description of that parameter is not copied to Action2.

This defeats the purpose of creating input parameters with this feature, since you'll have to go then to Action2 and fill out the description of the recently created input parameter.

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Regarding the same issue, if the variable you're creating on Action2 is a Record List in Action1, the Record Definition isn't copied as well (though it works if it is simply a Record).

I'm using Service Studio version