No way to go back previous page when downloading a PDF via Web App using iOS device

Hi All,

We have this "Web App" that downloads a PDF file. Everything seems to be normal with the download process. However, there is this problem that we cannot "go back to the previous page" when the "Web App" is accessed via iOS/Apple Device. 

To give more details, the download happens on a blank Web Screen. I tried to add a back button but that did not appear in the screen.

And btw, Web App gives desirable results in both Web Browser and Android device. 


Raymond Reyes

Hi Raymond Reyes,

As you mentioned in your post  that you have added back button. Could you check that button is loading on page or not from developer tools. If it is there and some condition is hiding your button.

Hi Ramakrushna,

This Web Screen was never loaded even in developer tools. 



The fact that this is a Web App, but that same Web App is also the same App we publish as an IPA IOS App using an Xcode app. The OutSystems Platform cannot guarantee that it will work as expected. We have raised this concern to OutSystems Support and please see the reply below for more clarity. 

"Unfortunately, due to the fact that you're generating the application outside of the OutSystems Platform, we can't ensure that will work as expected.

Based on this, unless you can convert it to an OutSystems mobile application and generating on our regular Native Builder we will not be able to help you to overcome this roadblock.