Theme styling shows up in Service Studio, but not in browser after publishing

I am having trouble with getting style changes to show in the browser after publishing. Everything looks perfect in Service Studio, but something is happening during deployment that I can't figure out. Here's the basic rundown:

I have cloned the Dublin theme and template for my own customization, as well as cloned the web patterns for future customization (all references to Dublin are gone). All 3 are in their own libraries and published. The theme references the web patterns and the template references the theme. 

For starters, I changed the background color for the menu in the theme CSS from blue to yellow. I see the change in Service Studio on the layout_ block in the theme. I save the changes and publish the library. 

Next, I refresh the reference in the template library. As soon as I hit ok, I can see the menu color change from blue to yellow in the main flow. I save the template and publish. When I view the template in the browser, the menu is still blue.

Next, I created a new application based on the template and added a reference to the theme. Again, in Service Studio the menu is yellow right off the bat. When I save and publish the application and then view it in the browser, the menu is blue. 

No errors, platform environment health is green across the board, and nothing to indicate the issue. I haven't done anything crazy; just a simple Dublin clone with the menu color changed to yellow. I watched the style guide architecture training course and I believe I have my clones all set up properly. I must be missing something, though. Any ideas?


hi joseph,

Make sure your theme getting overridden by the default theme...Just inspect through browser all your class for new theme.

You can upload your your oml for further detail.




Thank you Rocky. Well I certainly feel silly now! I was thinking it was a much larger issue and didn't even think to start at the basics. It was the linear-gradient. Fixed that and problem solved. *embarassed*