I am trying to give users a PinCode to be able to access a certain page and have certain functionalities. 

I am making a web app. I just want to give users a code, and have them sign in with their unique code to their account. I am trying to have them give ratings to certain objects. How do I allow them to sign in, but also store the data they input. Also, how do I send their input to the overall database for that object?

I am trying to add up all of the ratings that multiple users give a certain object and have that added up score saved in the object's database.

Hi Chineye,

I could give answers to all of your questions, but you have so many questions, most of it pretty basic, that I wonder whether you have completed the online training courses? If not, I would strongly advise you to do so, most if not all of the topics you ask about are explained there.