Start one department in support to answer tickets of Forge components


I'm not sure if I should give this feedback here but I didn't find any other option.

Whenever we create a support ticket where Forge component is used, support says that we can't provide support because it is not supported by Outsystems.

Please note that we have downloaded the component from Outsystems web site and Outsystems should take responsibility to resolve queries related with that component if the owner of component is not answering the questions.

Support people should be able to read the code provided by us and try to debug what is going wrong. If you don't have enough bandwidth, please start one department for such tickets because customers are ready to pay for it.

Also, if support people can't solve that query they should check if my company has OnDemand implementation license and if my company has that license they should forward my ticket to that department which will save time for us.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Hello Suraj

I'll disagree.

Forge is a storage space provided by OutSystems so that the community users can share components and applications with the community.

OutSystems does not have any responsibility over a community component, provided through Forge, as much as it does not have any responsibility over applications you decide to share code in your own website.

When you decide to use a Forge component, you must be aware that the user that created it may not answer your questions. It's sad and it's bad, but it's always a possibility.

If your application depends on such component, you must approach it as if no one had done it and you had to do it by yourself. Check if it works before using it. Understand how it works in case some problem arises in the future. Be prepared to replace it.

It's your responsibility as developer that uses a forge component to be prepared.


Hi Suraj,

In addition to what Eduardo already said, with each Forge component there's an explicit notice that it's not supported by OutSystems. So opening a support case, then complaining they tell you it's not supported is a bit disingenious.

You are asking for OutSystems to spend millions of euros (dollars, whatever) a year on supporting stuff other people put up in the Forge? I understand it would be very useful to you (or others), but I don't think it's fair to expect that. Nor do I think it's a viable way to run a business.

That said, I do think that it would be a good idea to split off OutSystems components like SilkUI and the Mobile Plug-ins that are developed by OutSystems themselves, and have OutSystems fully support those. But random user provided components? Absolutely not.