How to execute ajax request asynchronously in dealing with multiple web blocks


I have one Home Screen which has got 3 web blocks on it.

I have one ajax request for each web block which I am executing using hidden button click event, which calls my Core Business Layer to pull data from external database.

Currently we have many links on home page.. 

Issue is as one of web block is taking much time to return data so user is not able to click on any of the links rendered on screen..also when one web block completes its request then only next web block starts its new request...

Due to this user has to wait till the time response does not comes back for all web blocks..

Why all web blocks does not start pulling data at same time?



hi durgesh,

may be you are using ajax refresh and refreshing web block one after another .

Can you attach screenshot or oml for clarification .



Hi Durgesh,

If you are using AJAX refresh then at the time of ajax refresh whole screen locked(using ajax loader) to avoid multiple click on same link/button that`s why at time you can click only one link.



Thank you Rocky and Shashi for your replies..

@Rocky - Yes I have to refresh web block as and when response comes back from core layers. If one request gives me response then I show that data on to web block, this is same for all available web blocks. Please find an attached oml file. (This file just contains logic of my application and this dummyapp just created for understading)

@Shashi - I am clicking hidden button via javascript load event in each web block individually.

Why all web blocks does not start pulling data at the same time..? Is this is the normal behavior of Outsystems ?