Unused espaces list with name of the person who last uploaded it


I want a list of unused espaces with the name of the person who last uploaded this espace.

I want to make an application in Service Studio for this.

How is the possible?


Hi Arent,

What do you mean by "unused"? When is an eSpace "unused"?

There are several system entities you can consult, like Espace and Log_Screen.

If you look in ServiceCenter (under analytics and then unused eSpaces) you can find there what I mean.

Hi Arent,

In that case, Log_Screen could indeed be used. It has a link to the eSpace, and access date/time, so you can filter yourself.

please be careful there, because afaik it's about screen-access only.

it does not take into account modules which only have entities/actions

True, but that also goes for the list in Service Center, right?

Kilian Hekhuis wrote:

True, but that also goes for the list in Service Center, right?


Sorry for my late reaction.  Thanks for the reply. But that is probably not the whole story. Because the last used date  in ServiceCenter (under analytics and then screen unused eSpaces) do not match witch the instant date in log_screen :(.

What's the difference (never checked it, soi it might be simply timezone dfifference)

That said, why do you want it?

There are also other system-tables you can use to see certain dates on modules.

Thank for the quick reply. Sometimes the espace is not in this log_screen but in service center you see this last used date. 

The purpose is that we want to remove espaces which a not used for a long time. We want to make an application that if an espace is not used for a long time we want to see this on a list with an developer name and email so we can ask to delete this espace.


You do have to know, that log_screen is actually logging screen access, so you need to filter those OUT of your espaces, so you know which espaces are NOT used...

Did you research other system-tables as well?

I see for example Report_Espace_Usage...

I suggest that instead, you use OutDoc or Service Center to look for modules with no references to them, after you do a "Removed Unused Elements" on each of your modules (which you should be doing on a regular basis anyways).

Deleting code that you wrote, just because no one accessed it in some time, seems like a poor way to make decisions.