[ScanditP10] Scandit Case Mode for iPhone

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Published on 2018-06-13 by Barduino
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Published on 2018-06-13 by Barduino


I´d like to create a barcode scanning app unsing the Scanidit SDK plugin. 

Scandit offeres Scan Cases for iPhones. In the orgin Scandit App you need to select a special modus to use the cases. Is this modus available in the Plugin? 



Hi Tobias

I also need to create a label scanning - multiple barcodes - with Scandit.

Did you manage to implement it? We could exchange information.

Thank you!

Hi Carolina, 

unfortunaltly I did not ever got a reply on my post. I got in contact with Scandit and they were not really aware of an OutSystems Solution. 

I´m also pretty sure that it is licensed by scandit. For that reason it in not really scalable for our usecase.

I hope you´ll find a solution! 

Best regards