Drop down menu is not working

Drop drop menu and other related widgets is not expanding in a particular screen, But these widgets are working fine in other empty web screens.

Hello Iniyavan,

You probably will notice that this information is not exactly "useful" for us to help you.
"Something is not working" is too broad.

So, when did the menu (and other widgets) started to stop working in this page?
Did you set any CSS that can be conflicting?
Did you add any JavaScript that can be broken and makeing everything else stops working?

Did you inspect in the consola of the browser? By the way, is it a Web application?


I have exactly the same problem.

The drop down menu list are only opening with the top menu item when using a mobile screen format.

There is no custom JavaScript and i have tested it with all of the primary color and other css customisation removed and this had no effect. I am using the standard Liverpool theme.

This is a web application which I want to be viewable on multiple devices.

Mobile menu, just the top item appears...

Web menu, all items appear as they should.,,

Many Thanks


Hi Chris,

Are you testing using emulator right?

Can you please check in the real device. I had the same issue with the emulator.


Pankaj Pant

Hi Pankaj,

Unfortunately it dos not work in either.

I actually first noticed the problem on my iPhone.

It also does not work on a real world iPad pro.




can you share an oml or a link to the page?



Not sure if you need a password and username



Hi J,

I have done some further investigation.

I created a test application using just the base theme - no custom css changes or code or logic made at all other than creating list screens directly screens from the entities and tweaking the menu to create a submenu

That worked just fine in both web and mobile modes with full submenus appearing.

I then repeated the exact same exercise creating a test application with the Liverpool theme.

This replicates the problem I had originally where just the first item shows on the submenu drop down.

This indicates that it is related to the Liverpool theme itself.

Please find attached Test.oml file which shows the problem.

Many thanks for your help.