Change RichWidgets\Icon image

Hi everyone !

I always used IF block to select the "image" to use in the RichWidgets\Icon (with TRUE / FALSE condition).

Now I have to check MORE THAN 2 cases: the typical PDF / XLS / DOC / IMG file in a Table Records ... I want to put the right image on the right file type.

How can I put these conditions during the construction of my Table Records ?

Thanks in advance


Hi Luca,

Easiest way: Nested IF:

IF (this)
   Then show this
       IF (that)
            Then show that



You can also do it directly in the input parameter of the Icon block:

You can also keep nesting the if's in there...

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or, alternative instead of if, let css sort it out for you.

thus have a cell, or container with the class "icon_" + yourextension.

so you end up with icon_pdf, icon_xls etc.

in your css you style your classes with the font-icon to your liking.

I like your approach much more than mine, J. :)

That actually defeats the purpose of using the Icon webblock ;)

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Thanks for all your replies,

at the end I choose the "multiple IF" suggested by Pedro.

It works great !

Thx, mark it as complete for future reference

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Done !