Hi there,

Has anyone experience in using sqlserver reporting services in a cloud environment? How would the infrastructure setup of that be? Please let me know.



Hi Wiklo,

I am not sure it helps you or not but still you can have a look on this .



Pramod hi,

If I understand correctly:

  1. End user on his browser sends request for a report
  2. OS front end server processes request and requests a reporting services service for a specific report to a SSRS instance
  3. SSRS instance processes the request and requests data from OS database server through a connection string
  4. OS database server sends data to SSRS instance
  5. SSRS processes data and 'sends' report to OS front end server
  6. OS front end server sends report back to browser end user

So the OS front end server should be able to talk to the SSRS instance (2 and 5) and the SSRS instance should be able to talk to the OS database server (3 and 4).

The SSRS instance could then be an on premise installation of SSRS or a SSRS that i host on AWS?

Cloud Ops should then be requested to open the OS database server to the IP of the SSRS instance and the OS front end should be allowed to see the SSRS instance also. Then we are good to go?



Hi Wilko,

Your SSRS server should be able to access the OS Database to create report and once your report will be published in SSRS server it should be accessible via Outsystems front end (url of the report to show may be in Iframe in outsystems)


Pramod Jain