[Customer App Template] What is the test user's id and password to try this app?

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Published on 2018-04-23 by Labs
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Published on 2018-04-23 by Labs


Hi Peter,

You can just login as Patricia Wesley. Than just push 1 four times to create the pin. and more four times to confirm the pin.



when i tested it there is a button saying login as Patricia Wesley. Which one of the 2 apps are you testing?


Hello everyone,

Actually, both Marcelo and Peter are right :)

Marcelo is talking about the Template Preview that is available on the Silk UI Website.

In the website, to allow everyone to test the Template, we customized the template to have a "Login as Patricia Wesley" button:

However, from the descriptions, I believe that Peter is seeing/testing the template inside is own environment (maybe a personal environment).

In that case, the App Template was made to be a starting point for your real application, and so it is already connected to your server Users.

Peter, if this is the case, then the user and password are the same you use to login into your applications.

Please let me know if that was the case, or if you need any further assistance.


Samuel Jesus


Yes that solved the mystery.   I was trying to launch the app from the personal cloud environment within service studio.  It worked when I entered my own id/password.   Thanks.