Using Enter to click a button on a screen with multiple buttons in Internet Explorer


I have a screen with several buttons with Ajax actions. However the Is Default property does not work. 

Sometimes nothing happens and sometimes it triggers other actions.

I tried JavaScript to capture the Enter button, but this only worked in Chrome, not Internet Explorer 11.

I've tried setting the visibility of some buttons in the Visible and Enabled properties, removing all conditional logic of buttons and even put a hidden default button at the top of the screen. None of those ideas.

How do I get 1 button that always responds when I click enter on a screen with multiple buttons. Is it possible?


Hi Edward,

It should work fine if you have just one of the screen buttons with the "Is Default" property set to True.

Have you checked all buttons? Perhaps you missed something.

If i were you, i would probably remove all buttons (if possible) except the default one, and check if it works with just that button. 

If it does, you can add one button at a time, and check when it doesnt work anymore, maybe it will be easier to spot the problem this way. 

Best regards,

Bruno Guedes