Oops Forge - We cannot connect to the Forge in your Development Environment.

10.0.822 Service Studio

Browsing and selecting any category I am randomly getting:

We cannot connect to the Forge in your Development Environment.  Click Refresh button then it works, going back and forth would get the error again.

If visited from web browser it works fine.


Hi Peter,

I also noticed this happening to me as well today. It only happens on certain combinations of search. In my case, I was trying to install the DB Cleaner in a specific enviornment.

Every time I type 'DB' the result flash up and it redirects to this 'Oops' page. When I type other combinations, such as 'bd' for example. it doesn't happen.

Only started to notice this today, so maybe something else is going on with this feature, because my internet connection is just fine.



Yes it was not a timed out issue and I don't recall having that issue before.  I could instantly get the error by clicking around different categories or selecting a plug-in for its detail screen.    I guess it's the Forge's web site issue as if its load balancer randomly directs to a web server that's down.

I too, have the same issue with Forge. It just keep disconnecting while browsing on Service Studio.

Forge disconnects like every 5-10s for me, regardless of me doing nothing or typing in the search box.

If I was fast enough, I can click on the Install buttons before Forge disconnected.

Another way for me to install from Forge is that I search for the extension by the web, and click on 'Open in development environment' and quickly click Install before the disconnect.