Development Environment 10.0.825 says I have less than 2 CPU cores on installation?

I am running Win10 x64 i7-8700 6 cores.

Hi Peter,

Where does it say that? I've never seen a message about cores, but perhaps I haven't been paying attention.

Either way, it doesn't matter much, Service Studio only uses a single core, ever.

OK, it was upon installation on top of the older 10.0.82x.   

I always get that error when installing a new version on my PC (windows 10), I have a ryzen 1600x with 12 threads. I never got it in with a Intel CPU, so I always assumed that the platform was not optimized fo AMD.
I simply ignore the warning and continue, never noticed a performance issue, but this should not be happening.

Best regards,

I've got same message on my i7-8750H (6 cores) which is indeed the Intel 8th generation CPU

I experience the same error when installing OutSystems Development Studio. I use the Intel 8th generaton I7-8700T when. 

However when ignoring the error ("Ja" button in Dutch) the isntallation will finish without any further error messages and also Development Studio works fine.