Ajax Refresh a screen when this screen popup_editor was closed

Hello every one:

     I have a table in screen,and I need use popup_editor to change the data.

    When I close this popup_editor,I need this table can refresh by Ajax Refresh.

As you know popup_editor is another screen.But,the screen action can't use Ajax Refresh to refresh anonther screen.

   So how can I achieve it.

  Do  you have any idea?

Thank you!



The Popup Editor has an 'OnNotify' action in which you can use the Refresh Data and Ajax Refresh to refresh the table.


Pravi Gupta??:



Thank you for your Reply Pravi.

It's solved my problem.

set OnNtify to Ajax Refresh the table ,and when you close the popup_editor you should set an action(popup_editor_Notify) to trigger OnNotify.and set another action(popup_editor_Close) to close the popup_edtior. Then your OnNotify was triggered and the table was refreshed.