Couldn't login to environment/users from the browser


Am new to outsystems while practicing i was stuck with this issue please help me to sort it out.

To add a role I am not able to access  "https://<environment>/users/" using my outsystems cloud username and password and my data is not appearing in the Entities/system/users -- view data  also. I even changed my password too and tried to login but the result is same "Invalid Username and Password" 

please find the screenshot below of both USERS and UserData.




but i can login to (https:///servicecenter ) and also to  ( with the same Username and password, I am using Outsystems version -- 10.0.825.0.


Please help me in sorting out this issue.



Abhilash N

Hi Abhilash,

The users used to login in to Service Studio, Service Center and LifeTime on the one hand, and the users used to login with apps like Users on the other, are different (seperate entries in the User Entity). There's not an easy way to reset your password, so you could make an Anonymous Screen that does that.