Hi All,

When clicking on the"Contract(s)" tab or any other tabs the screen will return to the last place where I left. It should refresh/rest the tab always when I navigate to different tabs.



Hello Vinod,

The behaviour you see is due to how you build it. The page needs to know that it needs to refresh some thing. It looks like you are using tabs as menu items. Normally a menu item click is a redirect to that page and the preparation is run again so the data is refreshed. When the tabs are all in a singel page and only de display property is changed no preparation is triggerd to run again. Depending on you implementation there are different solutions. One way could be to move the content of a tab in en webblock and triggering the preparation of that webblock. An other way could be to implement the menu option where the tabs are visabel on each screen but clicking the tab redirects to a specific screen.