i have some problem about database connection and my oracle version is oraclexe 


is my setting wrong? or i need the static ip address??

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can you explain a little bit about your infrastructure?

localhost means that your orcalDB is on the same server as outsystems.. is this the case?

thanks your reply 

software : outsystems server studio 10.0


windows 10 pro 

 yes! the database and outsystems server both installed in this laptop

and this laptop doesn't have static ip address so i set my host to [localhost] 

i thought the problem is my ip address before 

but i cant sure   

if you need more information about the infrastructure please tell me 

thanks you very much

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what do you mean that you installed outsystems on your laptop?

so you are saying that you installed the platform-server on your laptop?

(even if that is the case, you would need to choose a database etc. so why would you need an external database?)

there is no outsystems server studio, btw.

there is "Outsystems Service Studio", part of the Development Environment.

and you have "Outsystems Platform Server".

sorry my description is not good enough

i mean i install outsystems service studio 10.0 in my computer

my database is free oracle (oraclexe) 

i just need to try to create a login page that check the user in my database

is that right? if i want to use my database,i need an external database before?

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Outsystes ServiCE Studio, do you mean?
This is not the platform server. It is the IDE.

Are you connecting to your personal?

If so, to connect to a external DB, the SERVER (that is in the cloud), need access to the machine with the database. If you use LOCAL HOST, you are saying to the platform server that your external database is in the CLOUD server.

So, it will not work.

You need a static IP os use one of those services that creates for you a domain and keep your dynamic IP updated so that the DNS can resolve to your machine. And, of course, setup your machine to accept connections.

Hope this helps.


Put  External IP Address in connections  such as external ip address\database


good morning 

understood ,so first i need a static ip address for my computer(database) then i can set connection with it right?

i will try it , thanks your supports very much

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excuse, i remember a question 

i have a nas(synology ds214se) and its have quickconnect (actually that is a url)

is that possible to set my nas to database connection (sure i will create a database on it)

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