Hi everyone,

Is this possible to allow user to open other apps within one app?

e.g. I have ten mobile apps developed in OutSystems, I don't want users download all of these apps in mobile device. Instead, I would like to have an app that user can open all of these apps within the app and it does not require user download all of these apps. 

It looks like what is doing in OutSystems Now app, but OutSystems Now is used for developer only. Besides I understand the older version of OutSystems Now might probably meet my requirement, but it is written in Objective-C, I hope I can do everything using OutSystems development platform.


Hi David,

You cannot do this. It's not as much a limitation of OutSystems, as it is of the mobile ecosystem. If it were possible, it would be a huge security risk, or you'd be limited to using devices that the "container app" is allowed to use (like with OutSystems Now).