Is it possible to use html without expression. Probably in a screen action or a preparation?

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Samuel Stephen R


I don't understand your question and furthermore what is it what you want to achieve?


I want to create html tabs dynamically based on the count of my entity. looping would not be possible on the screen so I'm trying it on the preparation if possible.

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Samuel Stephen

ok, but why would an expression be a problem then?

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"<%  var i;
            for i in '"+GetChildren.Count+"'{ %>

<button class='tablink' onclick='openPage('home', this, 'red')'>'"+first+"'</button>
<div id='Home' class='tabcontent'>
  <p>Home is where the heart is..</p>

I'm trying this and the loop isn't working.


I am not sure where to begin.

where do you expect the for-loop to be running?

that said, your code-snippet looks like it's asp.net, even though outsystems is based on c#/asp.net you cannot use asp.net directly!

I suggest to (re)visit the online courses to understand better how outsystems works.

Hi Samuel,

Why can't you use the List records control?

Pass expression inside it and dynamic values from table and make them look like tab and provide links to that tab.

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Suraj Borade